Work vs Final Paper

Hey guys, I can not believe that 2011 is almost over. Yes, it is been a great year for me for studying and also working as an Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team intern. So, I am still continue working, but mostly I work remotely. Coordinating things by email, mailing list, or social media. Trying to get feedback or help people who needs help for mapping their interest. There is a lot of things that always made me curious about this “next big thing”. Yes, a lot of people trying to map their area and I am glad that there is also support from each local government. Such as in Dompu for example, the local government support local community mapping by putting 2 billion in rupiahs. In Selayar Island, local government trying to buy imagery for support their regional planning since Google Earth does not have any detailed information about this island. Pretty cool huh?

Well, most people think that I am too excited and I have been abandon my study in Departement of Geography, University of Indonesia. Yes, I am excited, but I do not want to abandon my study. I have to keep it balance and my hardcore multi-tasking skill has been very useful. I still can keep up with work along with my study. Now, I am doing research for my final paper. My final paper is about the new Lombok International Airport. It is really interesting that this airport has been introduced at Indonesia Infrastructure Summit in 2005 and now it is fully operated since October 1, 2011. This new airport changed people mindset about land value. In 1997, people who live in airport location still intact with traditional land value. Now, since the airport is built, a lot of investors trying to buy land around in several activity center such as Kuta and Tanjung Aan. The land value is changing from traditional perspective into economic perspective, this also result in land price changing significantly. Interesting huh?

So I will be in Lombok around February 2012, but first I have to present my proposal as the first step of all process to get a science degree in my university. Wait there is more! Before that, in the first week of January I also have field trip with Jackson School International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle. And third week of January I will going back to Bima and Dompu.

And what happen next then? What I am gonna do after I finished all those things and graduate? Well… honestly, I have NO idea. But, I would like pursue scholarship for my master degree and continuing my work with HOT: gather more people, training more people, and more mapping! 😀

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